Dr. Jennifer Jakobi

Next to being in the lab with trainees, Dr. Jakobi loves to move and be outdoors.

Although she loves to run, she is creating newfound passions on her road bike and in the water. Yes, that does mean she dabbles in triathlon. At UBCO, she teaches and researches in the area of neuromuscular and exercise physiology. Her lab truly covers basic science to applied interventions.


Dr. Jakobi is fascinated by investing the way in which biological sex contributes to differential functional decline as people age.


She is enthusiastic in her pursuit of understanding how sex-specific physiological adaptations influence functional abilities, and how this knowledge can be applied to prolonging independence in older adults.

Her research will inform healthcare practitioners and exercise specialists on approaches to physical activity and exercise to improve functional mobility. Learn more through reading her innovation research impacts and research focus.

Selected Publications

For a full list of Dr. Jakobi’s publications, please visit her Google Scholar page.