STEM Outreach

In addition to conducting research focusing on neuromuscular physiology, Dr. Jennifer Jakobi has an active community engagement program to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) advances for underrepresented persons.

Dr. Jennifer Jakobi is the Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology (WWEST) Associate Chair at UBC Okanagan. In her role, she is tasked with bringing together educators, researchers, and industry partners in the Okanagan to improve the retention of women and other underrepresented groups in STEM fields. She works to accomplish these goals by networking with industry partners and other STEM groups at UBC Okanagan.

Dr. Jennifer Jakobi is also the Director of the integrative STEM Team Advancing Networks of Diversity (iSTAND) program in the School of Health and Exercise Sciences. The team is dedicated to educating and exciting children from diverse socio-economic backgrounds, about STEM by engaging them in fun, interactive activities featuring neuromuscular, health, exercise sciences and engineering principles. Opportunities to experience these fields are provided in the form of individual school visits, workshops, after-school programs, and spring/summer camps.

Furthermore, Dr. Jennifer Jakobi provides an opportunity during her fourth-year Neuromuscular Physiology course (HMKN 412) for university students to practice conveying their advanced knowledge to elementary school children. Over the years, the 412 class has provided many educational opportunities for hundreds of young children to experience sensorimotor neuroscience through experimentation and interactive demonstrations.

To support teachers and parents during COVID – 19, iSTAND has assembled helpful resources to encourage home learning. Please visit our resource page to view STEM activity videos and other online resources!